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9 Common Lies Girls Tell Guys To Get Them For Marriage

By admin Mar 24, 2024
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Many girls tells lies just to hook a guy, not that every girl out there does this, but most girls must have one or two of this just to look good and feel belong.


  1. I am a Virgin: Every girl is a virgin, but the truth is; the more you look; the less you find.
  2. I don’t eat much: Yes, girls do claim they don’t eat much, how you can explain the disappearance of wraps of bread, and pieces of meat after her visit. If she eats, she would have eating a bakery or consume a cow.
  3. I don’t have a boyfriend: This is another lie. Most girls don’t have boyfriends until you check their phones for text messages.
  4. I am 21: Most girls are more than 21,they always want to look younger, so, they often pick 21.
  5. You will be the first boy in My life: She is right you are the first boy in her life today, others were in her yesterday.
  6. I can die for you: If you ask her to try it, she will pick race
  7. I love your Mum: She only say this to make you happy, most girls don’t want to see these old women, they hate mothers- in -law.
  8. I have never aborted before: No girl will ever tell you she had aborted before. Its over to you to detect.
  9. I am a decent girl: Every girl is decent until you can prove her indecency. 9 COMMON LIES GIRLS TELL GUYS TO GET THEM FOR MARRIAGE

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