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A Half-Trained Soldier Is The Most Dangerous Element – Defence Chief

By admin Feb 6, 2024
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Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, has emphasized the potential danger posed by undertrained soldiers to civilian safety.


General Musa expressed concern over the escalating internal security challenges. He outlined ongoing efforts to bolster personnel numbers to effectively combat bandits and terrorists.


Acknowledging the need for recruitment across various security agencies, General Musa disclosed, “In the Army, we recruit no less than 12,000 annually. This extends beyond the Army, as the Police, Air Force, and Navy are also actively engaged in recruitment efforts.”


Despite the imperative to address the rising security threats, General Musa underscored the importance of avoiding hasty training processes. He highlighted the inherent risk when soldiers are inadequately trained, describing a half-trained soldier as the most perilous element.


The magnitude of sustaining and supporting this number is substantial. However, we prioritize thorough training to prevent the emergence of a potentially hazardous situation where undertrained soldiers pose a threat to Nigerian citizens,” he affirmed.



General Musa revealed the meticulous approach taken to ensure the competence and discipline of soldiers. He explained, “We extend the training beyond the initial six months. After the first phase, there’s an additional three months to ensure that when deployed, soldiers are well-prepared and do not pose a risk to civilians.”



Addressing the perceived prolonged nature of operations, General Musa clarified that unconventional challenges demand a strategic and comprehensive response. The commitment to thorough training reflects the military’s dedication to safeguarding both national security and the well-being of civilians.

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