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Are Bachelor @ 53 Wants To Be Edo Governor; Our Girls And Women Are Not Safe

By admin Mar 23, 2024
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A bachelor @ 53 wants to be Edo governor; our girls and women are not safe[b]

A governor wields so much power. He wills and sets the agenda for society, consciously or unconsciously. But when a man at 53 has not had the discipline to take a wife and manage a home successfully, which is one of the core tests of manhood and maturity, his intentions and credentials to become a governor are suspect.


Why will Olumide Akpata, the Labour party candidate still be single at 53. We know he took a wife earlier, but he is currently unmarried.

Are we electing a governor who will come for our young girls or one who is not bold and confident enough to resist the allure of beautiful women. Someone who is unable to handle conflict. Will our resources be safe with this sort of man?

Edo people, we need a responsible man as a governor. Vote wisely. Vote responsible people to manage your resources.

A word is enough for the wise.

Again, vote wisely!

By admin

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