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Blessing CEO – Men Are Like Ladders, So We Use Them To Climb

By admin Feb 4, 2024
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A relationship expert and a social media personality, Blessing CEO was invited to Arise News television to share her own ideology about love. She went further to say that money is love, and men are givers while women are collectors and keepers.




According to the report shared by Arise News, Blessing CEO said women are created to enjoy. She also said women are collectors and a man’s money is there plan a, while their own money is there plan b.

She made a statement during her interview saying;

“Men are like ladders, so we use them to climb.



Furthermore, Blessing CEO said love is an illusion and there’s no love without money. You need finance to make love sweet, but if the woman is the one making the money, she has automatically collected your birth right as a man. Also, Blessing CEO said supporting a man is a very big risk, anything you want to give a man, give it to yourself and let the man grown himself.

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