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Cancelo names world’s best coach, player that annoys him most

By admin Mar 24, 2024
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In a revelation that sheds light on inner football dynamics, Barcelona’s Joao Cancelo has candidly identified Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes as the player who gets under his skin the most.

Also, Cancelo extolled the virtues of Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

Cancelo and Fernandes, comrades-in-arms on the international stage representing Portugal, played pivotal roles in orchestrating Selecao das Quinas’ triumphant journey to Euro 2024 glory. Despite their shared success with the national team, tensions appear to simmer between Cancelo, who is currently donning the colours of Barcelona on loan from Manchester City, and Fernandes, the talisman of Manchester United.

When queried about the player who annoys him the most in the world of football, Cancelo said in an interview with A Bola (via Barca Universal): “Player that annoys me the most? Bruno Fernandes.”

Conversely, in a testament to his respect for excellence in coaching, Cancelo unequivocally bestowed the title of the world’s premier coach upon Guardiola, saying: “Best coach in the world? Pep Guardiola.”

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