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Former CHELSEA Star Discovered His Twins Were Fathered By His Wife Ex

By admin Mar 24, 2024
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Former Chelsea star Geremi has reportedly filed for divorce in Cameroon after allegedly learning that the two children he raised were fathered by his wife’s ex. Court documents claim that DNA tests prove “no children were born from this union”.

Geremi has reportedly been left with “huge emotional shock” after making the discovery. The former midfielder and wife Laure have raised twins since they were born in June 2008, four years before the couple were married in 2012.

Court documents – which were first reported by the Sun – allege that Laure had told Geremi that the children were his, which motivated them to tie the knot.

Geremi reportedly now claims that the twins were born as a result of Laure’s previous relationship. DNA tests allegedly showed that the children are not Geremi’s.

The documents claim the revelation has “destroyed the harmony” of the marriage. That, the documents continue, is “through her (Laure’s) abject behaviour”.

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