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I Slept With My Step Dad To Revenge My Mother For Divorcing My Biological Father-Furaha

By admin Mar 27, 2024
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The aim of the story is not to glorify or promote such actions but to highlight the consequences of the decision made in anger. Furaha from the Democratic Republic of Congo revealed how she slept with her stepfather to revenge on her mother for divorcing her biological father.



According to Furaha’s mother, she got married at a young age and gave birth to her daughter. Unfortunately, her marriage didn’t work out which made her leave when Furaha was 6 years.

Furaha was her father’s darling even after her mother went with her to her grandmother’s house. Her father would visit her and buy her goodies. Years later, her mother got into a relationship with another man and got married.


She carried her along in the new home. According to Furaha, she didn’t like the stepfather because he was mean to her and whenever her mother was away the man would get close to her and touch her inappropriately.

She would tell her mother about her stepfather’s behaviors but her mother would rebuke her and accuse her of trying to break her marriage. She went back to her grandmother’s house several times, but her mother would force her to return home.


When she was 12 years old the stepfather asked her to meet him in a certain hotel. According to her, she knew the man had other intentions but she didn’t hesitate to go to revenge her mother for asking her biological father to never show up in her daughter’s life claiming she had a responsible dad.

She slept with the stepfather and made sure her mother had known through the text messages from the stepfather. Her mother got angry and Kicked her out of her house. She went ahead and divorced the man too.



She was hosted by her friend and it has been several years but her mother has decided not to forgive her even after taking several pastors to help them reconcile. She regrets her actions and begs her mother to forgive her.

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