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If I Don’t Give You Constant Electricity In The Next 4 Years, Don’t Vote For Me-Tinubu

By admin Mar 24, 2024
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If I Don’t Give You Constant Electricity in the Next 4 Years, Don’t Vote for Me Again”: Tinubu

A throwback video of Bola Tinubu promising to give Nigerians constant electricity during his campaign resurfaces online. In this video, we are about to play, the president said: “If I don’t give you constant electricity in the next four years, don’t vote for me again for a second term.” In his words, he said: “Whichever way, by all means necessary, you must have electricity, and you will not pay for estimated bills anymore.”

Then he went further to say: “A promise made is a promise kept. If I don’t keep to the promise, when I come for a second time, don’t vote for me.”

The question arises: How much progress has been made thus far? It’s only the second year of Tinubu’s first term, but has there been any significant improvement in electricity supply? Moreover, will Nigeria hold the president accountable in the next election if the promised constant power supply fails to materialize?

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