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Igbos Celebrate The Hardship In The Country, Demand 8 Years For Tinubu –

By admin Feb 21, 2024
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While some people are lamenting online about the increased hardship under Bola Tinubu, Igbos have started doing the opposite, they have started celebrating the hardship

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook, a group of Igbo traders bought several cartons of beer and drinks to celebrate the hardship the Tinubu administration has brought on Nigeria

According to them, they had warned Nigeria about Tinubu, but Nigerians chose not to listen. The men then started singing an Igbo song that God ordained Tinubu as President so as to reset the brains of Nigerians with 8 years of suffering

They also demanded maximum support for Tinubu to continue after 2027 and that no Igbo should protest against the hardship in the country

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