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Man Heartbroken After Returning From Abroad Only To Discover Wife Built Mud Home

By admin Mar 15, 2024
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A man has expressed deep disappointment upon returning home from Canada to discover that his wife has used the millions he sent while abroad to build nothing more than a mud house.


The man identified as Ongiri expressed his dismay after finding his house incomplete, despite sending substantial funds for its construction.

According to Ongiri, he had sent his wife a significant amount of money to build their dream home while he was abroad.

However, upon his return, he was dumbfounded to find the house incomplete and the money seemingly misused.

Speaking on the Brighton Thee PL YouTube channel, Ongiri revealed that he had sent approximately KSh 150k (equivalent to N1,773,513) for specific purposes, such as purchasing windows, but the intended construction did not materialize.


Expressing his disappointment, Ongiri lamented his trust in his wife, whom he had believed to be reliable.

“I truly thought I could trust her and that she was the one for me. I didn’t know she could do this,” the heartbroken man said.

He confessed that he did not involve his mother in his dealings with his wife and had entrusted her with the funds without suspicion.

Ongiri’s attempts to reach his wife and seek clarification on the whereabouts of the money and the progress of the house went unanswered.


“I tried reaching her yesterday and demanded to know where my house is and the money for investments that I had sent her. I also called her, but my calls went unanswered,” he said.

In a desperate attempt to seek accountability, Ongiri confronted his wife, demanding an explanation for the misappropriation of funds.

In a message displayed during the interview, it was revealed that the couple shares one child.

In an initial video posted by the YouTuber, the wife confessed to deceiving her husband about the progress of the house construction.

“The photos that I sent of an ongoing construction are from my neighbour. But you should forgive me. I am your wife,” the woman said as the man broke into tears.

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