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Muslim Muslim Tickets,It Was A Political Strategy And Not A Religious Strategy-Kennect Okonkwo

By admin Mar 24, 2024
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A staunch member of the Labour Party (LP), Kenneth Okonkwo, has, during an interview on Mic On Podcast, noted that even though he has accepted the judgement of the Supreme Court which affirmed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory, he would continue to be a critique of his government. He also insisted that the former Lagos Governor won the election through technical glitch.



Kenneth Okonkwo had said, The people that are suffering most in this government today are Muslims, so what has the Muslim-Muslim ticket benefited them? It was a political strategy it was not a religious strategy, but it worked — it failed because they won the election through technical glitch. It’s that technical glitch glitched the original election and by 4:30am when people were asleep, they gave us results that emanated from technical glitch — they failed. Right, I was in the Court of Appeal, the first order we asked the Court of Appeal to give to us was an order that INEC should allow us to inspect the BVAS; three orders, INEC obeyed none of it.

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