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Two Days After Tying The Knot, This Man Has Filed For Divorce Over His Wife’s

By admin Jan 29, 2024
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Two days after tying the knot, this man has filed for divorce over his wife’s rude behaviour towards his mother.

His wife and mother had a physical exchange at their wedding reception that saw both parties slap each other…….

Not heeding to appeals from his mother to forgive, the man is hellbent on ending things with his estranged wife. A marriage of two days has hit the rocks.

It happened that a couple from the groom’s mother’s side graced the occasion at a time edibles were finished……

A portion of food the bride left for her parents was the only delicacy available.

The mother-in-law had approached her daughter-in-law and whispered to her, appealing to get some of the food to give the couple as it would be unfair if they got nothing after coming from afar……

The bride refused bluntly, saying the food was for her parents. After unsuccessfully pleading with her son’s wife, the mother-in-law used a plate to scoop some food herself but the bride took back the food and poured it into the cooler………

Angrily, the mother-in-law slapped her son’s wife, who in turn retaliated.

The husband learnt of what happened and decided not to create a scene at the wedding reception and filed for a divorce two days after the incident……

What’s your thought?

Who is at fault here
The mother
The wife or the husband ?

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