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Unilag Surprise: Guy Gifts Girlfriend Mustang Car & iPhone for Valentine’s Day

By admin Feb 16, 2024
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In a heartwarming display of love and generosity, a young man at the University of Lagos (Unilag) left students and onlookers in awe as he surprised his girlfriend with a luxurious Valentine’s Day gift. Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the campus, the unidentified man orchestrated a grand gesture that quickly became the talk of the university.


Eyewitnesses reported that the man, whose identity remains undisclosed, arrived on campus with a gleaming Mustang, a symbol of his affection for his girlfriend. The car, adorned with a giant red bow, caught the attention of many, drawing a crowd of curious students and passersby.

As the man stepped out of the vehicle, he presented his girlfriend with not only the keys to the Mustang but also a brand-new iPhone, adding an extra layer of extravagance to the already lavish surprise. The young woman, visibly overwhelmed with emotion, accepted the gifts amidst cheers and applause from the gathered crowd.

Excited students couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, with some of the girls in attendance shouting, “God When?“—a humorous nod to their own romantic aspirations. The atmosphere was electric, filled with joy and admiration for the thoughtful gesture displayed by the young man.

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