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Video: Soon We Will Speak To Tinubu In A Language He Understands..islamic Cleric

By admin Mar 24, 2024
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The APC broom is a symbol of hardship and suffering, it swept away progress and wealth and swept in hardship and suffering in the country.
We were warned that APC is full of rascals and they don’t have the interest of the nation at heart. This is exactly what has happened.
Whether we say it or not everything happening today was a seed planted when Buhari became president. You voted for Buhari with the hope that he will bring development, how can that happen when he lacks integrity? Every person close to Buhari knows he’s not credible.

Everyone knows that Tinubu is a rascal who lacks integrity.Tinubu did not even hide his rascality, he said he will continue from were Buhari stopped, he did not lie to us as he indeed continued from where Buhari stopped.

Every person of goodwill in the country told Tinubu not to remove subsidy but he went ahead to remove it because he wants to embezzle the money.


The billions upon billions that was saved from subsidy removal where are they?
Where are the projects that the funds was used for?
Has the government of Tinubu realized that it’s policies is hurting the people or they still want us to tell them that?

We have the language that Tinubu understands. When we speak with that language he will hear us clearly, not like we don’t know how to speak in that language but we have been patient to see if they will do the right thing but soon we will speak in that language.

By admin

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