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You’re Not Going To Tweet Now Naira Appreciated In Value; Reno Criticizes Obi

By admin Mar 24, 2024
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You’re not going to tweet now Naira appreciated in value; Reno Omokri criticises Obi

Sociopolitical activist Reno Omokri has once more attacked Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi for 2023, calling him an enemy of the nation.

On Sunday, Omokri criticised Obi and urged Nigerians to rejoice over the little improvement of their national currency versus the US dollar.


Omokri noted in a tweet on his official X feed that it’s important to recognise the meagre advancements being achieved in terms of the foreign exchange value.

He claims that the value of the naira against the dollar has continued to rise, with both official and black market prices being at ₦1610 to $1.

“Both the official and parallel markets continue to see appreciation in the floated Naira,” he added. It is now trading at ₦1610 to $1, up ₦6. Let’s rejoice in little victories like these. Are you aware of the reason? Because Nigeria’s adversaries would rejoice and pour out hate.

Consider Peter Obi as an example. When the Naira appreciates, he won’t tweet about it. When the Nigerian Stock Exchange tops the global profitability charts, he won’t post.

“According to the most recent NBS data, he will be absent when our GDP expands by 3.4%. When it’s announced that our oil imports have dropped by half, you won’t see him.

“But let something remotely negative occur and Obi will bring out his megaphones and start singing, ‘Go Tell It On The Mountains” .

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